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July's Cup of Tea
July’s Cup of Tea Favorites What’s this, a new post? That’s right! We’re starting a new blog series – our “Monthly Cup of Tea.” This post will feature a curated collection of our favorite new items added to the shop...
Designer Interview: starcrossed lovelies
We sat down with Christen, the designer of jewelry brand starcrossed lovelies, to chat about her new brand and influences. starcrossed lovelies is one of our new vendors for 2021 and we're excited to see more from this brand!
Interview with Puvithel!

Lolita Collective met Puvithel at Anime Weekend Atlanta... years ago! She's come a long way from those humble roots, and we've been honored to be along for her journey. We sent Puvithel some of our pressing questions, read her responses here!

New Year! New You! New LC!
Kick 2020 out of here! What a year it has been! Look forward to 2021! What can you expect from us? So many exciting things! Are you a maker? We will be opening applications to join us this January. We are excited...
Black Friday Deal Round-up 2020
Check out Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales from lolita, decora, and gothic fashion creators! We try every year to round up as many sales as we can and put them all in one place!
Amplify Black Voices

Now is the time to support Black owned businesses, Black bloggers, Black artists, Black designers. Check out our list of some of these Black Lolita Fashion influencers.

Convention Round Up: Ursa Major A Virtual J-Fashion Event
This year from May 22-24 2020 in honor of Fanime, The Black Ribbon teamed up with several AMAZING indie brands as well as talented panelists to bring you some of the content they were helping produce for the California Anime convention this year to your very own home. Fans of Lolita Fashion, J-Fashion and other street styles rejoice!
Convention Round-up: Purgatorio: Virtual Paradiso!
Virtual Fashion Track Purgatorio was a blast! So many different panels, fashion shows and discussions. We wanted to keep all that information somewhere to look back on, so we put it all here. Link to J-Fashion On Demand to see all of the presentations as they were recorded in real time.
Convention Round Up: Tekko 2020 Virtual J-Fashion Track!
Tekko Virtual Fashion Track 2020 Recap Past Involvement Tekko is one of our favorite shows! We've been involved for a number of years with the amazing Tekko Japanese Fashion track. It's been a joy to participate, but obviously given the situation...
Let's Talk Coordinates! Fall Edition

If you follow us on social media you know we are obsessed with all things fall! Warm, rich browns, crisp reds, vibrant golds, we find everything about this season suits our frilly fashion perfectly. Even the weather suits the layers upon layers Lolita fashion incorporates into every coordinate, which is why we wanted to talk about dressing for the season!

Whether your want to garner inspiration from the colors around you, or the dropping temperatures, making your coordinate suit you is the best part!

November 2019: Shop Update!
At the end of the year, we usually look at all of the pieces we've purchased and we all usually have the same problem: we have all these main pieces but no blouses! And with family gathering, meetups, and time with friends, that small problem ends up turning into a huge headache! So, this time of year is perfect for stocking up on basics!
Black Friday Kawaii Fashion Round-up 2018
Time to get those bargains. Love kawaii lolita decora gothic or other jfashion and looking to get some Black Friday shopping in? We are trying to round up the latest deals from brands that we love in one place, so you need to look no further than here.
Time to put together a new wardrobe at fantastic deals. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite brands!
Black Friday Deal Round-up 2017
Here at Lolita Collective Headquarters we really love the deals that come the day after - especially when it's from a small independent manufacturer. Some of the larger stores are up to something too, and if they are alternative fashion relevant, we'd love to know about them.
Many of our favorites have begun to announce their specials for this fabulous shopping Black Friday holiday. Here's what we've heard so far...
MechaCon 2016
Lolita Collective attended MechaCon in New Orleans, LA on July 29-31, 2016. We were at Booth CC in the dealers hall! Here are some pictures of the booth at the convention:
Anime Expo 2016
We were at Anime Expo this past weekend on July 1-4, 2016. It was our first time selling in California at the largest anime convention in the United States! Anime Expo brings well-known guests from the anime and manga industry,...
July Mossbadger Releases
Now announcing the new release of mossbadger prints – Mystic Tarot, My Wife’s Lovers, and Cats in Frames! Mystic Tarot and My Wife’s Lovers are now available on our web store for reserve. Cats in Frames will be available next...
Gabriel Tokimeki
Exciting news about a new independent brand that joined us! We’re proud to announce that Gabriel Tokimeki (トキメキ帝国の桃色ガブリエル / tokimeki teikoku no momoiro gabriel) is now on the Lolita Collective webshop. The Collective will be bringing these gorgeous accessories to our upcoming...
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mossbadger – All of Them Witches collection
Preorders are up on our new webshop for the mossbadger “All of Them Witches” collection. These designs were first seen at Rufflecon 2015.  We have limited reservation for first batch, due to be completed Dec. 2015. Please note that this...
Back from Rufflecon 2015…
Hello everyone! We’re coming back from Rufflecon 2015 with lots of fun memories and more lolita friends! Some highlights: Triple Fortune designers KAIE and BABI attended again, along with Kimura U (designer of KOKOkim & model), Haenuli Shin (aka Nunu,...
Statement against Anime Matsuri
Hello everyone, The Lolita Collective wholeheartedly supports this petition regarding John Leigh and Anime Matsuri. The Lolita Collective, in keeping with our anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy, do not support the actions of John Leigh and Deneice Leigh. We regard John...