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Fits Really Well!

I bought these socks in the sax color way, and let me tell ya, they rock. Now, I have relatively thin legs, so keep that in mind when I tell you that these socks have a compression to them that allows them to stay up longer. They aren't tight, but instead feel like they are hugging your leg a little bit.
They are also mid-thigh length on me (I'm 5'4) so tall-itas should be fine with the length. I'm also a size 7 US and they fit perfect at the foot too.
They are a very nice material, not too thick that it looks weird, and not too thin either. They are pretty good for colder climates because of how high they reach and the slight thickness to them.
All in all, I really like them!

Ribonatchi - Instagram
Cute Thigh Highs for your Coord!

I got these socks in the red color, and they're pretty nice! I am quite short, and these go all the way up to mid-thigh so they're a bit more than "over the knee" length on me.

I personally prefer thigh highs over knee highs any day so I was very happy with the length of these, but if your cup of tea lays more in the knee-length socks realm then these might not be for you if you're short like me (I fit a dress size 0). If you're taller than ~5'5" then these might be true knee-highs for you and not thigh high length. Just a little note for your height and preference! c:

The color stays opaque on the knees, but as it is natural with any socks that stretch over the thighs, they become a little see through but I'm not upset with that since it's just part of sock physics lol.

I have worn these on my Instagram if you want to check them out: @Ribonatchi on Instagram ♥


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