Black Friday Deal Round-up 2020

Black Friday Deal Round-up 2020
Lolita Collective Black Friday 2020 Sales Information

 - grab a deal with our annual Black Friday sale!

It's that time of year again! The leaves fall off the trees, the temperature changes, we roast a turkey with family (maybe not this year) and we gear up for Black Friday sales! That's how it goes right??? Well... Maybe not this year!

Many sales this year started so early! If you are looking for a Lolita Fashion Black Friday sale or a JFashion Black Friday Sale, maybe you already found one! Not going to lie, some of our money already left on those sweet deals! It's fun to create this list also as documentation of what happened and when it happened.... Who knows! Maybe in the future we will be scratching our heads... what sale happened on Black Friday 2020? 

As always in this post we will round up by general style, so if you are looking for gothic bargains, kawaii decora sweatpants, or that adorable sweet lolita necklace, it'll be easy for you to find brands carrying what you are looking for. I'll provide a quick summary of what those brands are known for as well!

Did we miss your favorite brand's sale? Comment below! 

There are so many amazing creators these days! We love watching everyone blossom and grow the fashion! We hope you are able to find new brands to love and follow! Click through the link to head to the brand's main page where you'll find their Black Friday Sale. 

We love the #kawaiiblackfriday - we hope you'll use it too! 

Lolita Fashion

A Gato Designs - Starting on the 27th, it's Lucky Packs galore! Choose from accessory packs, crafting packs (that donate to charity!), dress lucky packs (time to get a full coordinate!) and enamel pin packs. For those of you not familiar with the concept, a Lucky Pack is basically a grab bag. You'll never know what you are going to get, so you are hoping to get Lucky!

A Gato Designs Instagram

Belladonna - 30% Off Starts on Friday!
We love Belladonna's facemasks and extremely well made Jumperskirts! Head into her shop to grab a deal on cute wristcuffs, necklaces, fake nails, classic lolita rectangle headdresses, earrings and more! For the fancier coordinates, grab a ruff!

Belladonna Instagram Picture

Dollbe - Exclusive Colorways for Black Friday!
Head over to Dollbe's shop for a wide range of sizes in cute prints handmade to order. This Black Friday, her shop will reopen to offer exclusive colorways for a limited time. 

Dollbe Instagram


Empire Noir - 25% off of all headdresses with code: EMPIRE2520% off of select dresses with code: Empire20
That's a great sale! We love her onepiece dresses and jumperskirts, but those headdresses are really to die for! Capture that dark gothic feeling with ruffled black lace and lovely ribbon. We adore the floral head pieces with deep red roses!

Empire Noir Instagram

Haenuli  - 20% off Enamel Pins with code BlackFriday2020 ; 30% off some dresses
Digging into the archives, Haenuli found some more dresses to offer up for sale! What will she have! Who knows! Also, her super cute and well packaged enamel pins will be 20% off. That's a stellar discount!

Haenuli Instagram


I Do Declare - Sample Sale for Small Business Saturday! 
Uhoh there goes all my money! Time to get some amazing gothic pieces from the lovely I Do Declare at some great prices! This sample sale will include flawed garments and pieces with damages. Can't wait to see what goes up!

I Do Declare Instagram

Kaneko - 10% Off!
Lush gothic looks can be found in this shop. Check out their dark jumperskirts or lovely luscious ruffled blouse. We haven't had a chance to see these pieces in person but have heard nothing but good things!

Kaneko Instagram

Lily of the Valley - Preorder Tshirts!
Cottagecore mushrooms and bees can be found in this shop! Get a cute tshirt featuring the classic illustrations of this lolita fashion company.

Lily of the Valley Instagram


MilkRibbon - Select Brooches 50% Off
Get a little sassy with the wooden brooches and pins from Milk Ribbon! Well known for her "Most Embarrassing Behavior" wooden rosette style pin, MilkRibbon carries a breadth of other equally spicy accessories.

Milk Ribbon Instagram


Mossbadger - Lucky Packs!
Grab themed accessory lucky packs from the talented maker! Themes will be creative and hilarious no doubt as they usually are. Can't wait to see what you get!

Mossbadger Instagram

Teja Jamilla - 25% Off! 
These tights are always crowd pleasers! This shop features a variety of tights in different colors and sizes hand screen printed in England by Teja herself. Recent offerings include journals and scarves.

Teja Jamilla Tights Instagram

 Wax Poetic Shop - Offering 15% off 
Great classic accessories handmade out sealing wax and vintage findings. Choose from a variety of luscious pearls and ribbons for necklaces and rosettes galore

Wax Poetic Shop Instagram

Thanks this post from our wonderful friend Meghan at Raine Dragon for also rounding up sales! 


Precious Bbyz - 30% off Sitewide!
Bright pastels and super cute characters abound in this adorable shop. Fans of enamel pins will delight at the kawaii creations found within.
Precious BByz Shop Instagram


Miss Octopie - 35% off shopwide live now!
Time to get bright with the adorable Miss Octopie! Huge range of sizes and bright patterns mean Miss Octopie has something for everyone. Entire outfits are easy to put together with her cute clothes!

Miss Octopie Instagram



Cat Coven - 25% off with code CANDLELIGHT
Grab a variety of tshirts, pins, mugs and reusable utensil holders from our favorite feline artist! Choose from prints and hand screen printed items featuring the illustrations of Kjersti! 

Cat Coven Instagram



Check back for updates!