Odd Monster

    Odd Monster is a slow fashion, retro-inspired, artist-owned streetwear brand. We focus on using vintage pieces mixed with illustration and different printing techniques.

    Odd Monster draws inspiration from the 80's and 90's style aesthetic, (patterns with weird shapes? check. obnoxious color palettes? check.) pop culture, Japanese street fashion such as lolita, fairy-kei, otome, otaku culture, and a  healthy dose of trashy horror and the occult. Located on the west coast, each piece is sewn, printed, illustrated, and/or embellished by hand by the designer herself.

    OM is a slow fashion company. The brand strives to create each piece individually - with a focus on where materials come from. Creating always impacts and takes something; whether that be time, money, effort, materials, etc. OM strives to lessen their environmental impact by using recycled packaging and vintage garments as their base. With each sale a small percentage of the profit will be donated to worthwhile racial justice, disaster relief and environmental causes. (past donations have gone to the Equal Justice Initiative and the American Humane Society).

    Odd Mon aims to create something a little bit cute, a little bit nerdy, and a little bit odd for all the other fashionable weirdos out there. So stay cute, and stay odd!