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Lil Cockatiel Enamel Pin

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Put a bird on it! Decorate all the things with Lil Cockatiel, he's 3 cm tall and will always be happy to see you!
This Cockatiel matches perfectly with my Lil Birb series pins; if you have any of my Lil Birb pins this Cockatiel can face him! They sit perfectly together on collars and lapels! But really, anywhere is perfect for Birb~

This lil guy has a golden finish and metal butterfly clasp. He is made of hard enamel and is an original Precious Bbyz mascot! These pins are painted by hand, and as such may have small differences from pin to pin. A common (very hard to notice) irregularity is slight "marbling" in the grey enamel.

This is the 6th edition of my Lil Birb series pins. Some details were modified from the original Birb to minimize imperfections in this pin. You may notice this Birb is a little rounder than the original Lil Birb, however they are the same height! The added width helps to better execute the small details.