Let's Talk Coordinates! Fall Edition

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Let's Talk Coordinates! Fall Edition

Before we start, there is some Lolita lingo you may what to know if you are new to the fashion and are reading this blog:

Coord: short for 'coordinate' not to be confused with cord or chord

Cut-sew: short for 'cut-and-sewn' this often mixed fabric shirt is usually made with a knit-like material with cotton details like collar, cuffs, et cetera. 

Let's Talk Coordinates!

If you follow us on social media you know we are obsessed with all things fall! Warm, rich browns, crisp reds, vibrant golds, we find everything about this season suits our frilly fashion perfectly. Even the weather suits the layers upon layers Lolita fashion incorporates into every coordinate, which is why we wanted to talk about dressing for the season!

Whether your want to garner inspiration from the colors around you, or the dropping temperatures, making your coordinate suit you is the best part!

 A cute coordinate idea is to draw inspiration from the fall colors. Combine your browns and reds, yellows and dark blues. Make an entire coordinate inspired by pumpkin pie! Fall is such an expressive and beautiful season, and your coordinates can completely compliment it. 

Pictured Peppermint Fox brooches and L'Orangerie skirt Celebrating fall with muted palates is charming too! We love adding in elements of warm pinks with soft browns, pulling inspiration from mori-kei and otome. Imagining walking through crunchy leaves and the crisp fall air greets your face cheerfully. 

Combining Lolita fashion elements, like the iconic Lolita silhouette (petticoat required) with cut-sews, bold accessories (let’s face it, most Lolita-geared jewelry is audacious on a casual day), knit socks, and berets! Having a cute sleeve detail like bishop sleeves really makes a coord unique and dramatic!

Show us your fall styles on our Instagram and Facebook! 

Happy Fall coordinating~!

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